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Thread: Images move left to right, fast and slow on mouse move...

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    Default Images move left to right, fast and slow on mouse move...

    I'm looking for a tutorial or example of the effect when you have images all next to each other horizontally and when you roll the mouse oneway they move in the opposite direction and when the mouse is centerd on screen they slow down... Anyone have an example or tutorial of this?

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    Yes, I got just the thing for you.

    Lee Brimelow &!

    The site is currently down as Brimelow is create a new video player application in Apollo to cut down on bandwidth issues they were having. But you can download the video tutorial at

    You'll need a FLV video player to view it. Or do what I do, and just compile it as a .swf in flash.

    Or, view it online here:

    It's called the "Scrolling Thumnail Panel".

    For another (prettier) variation of this, check out You're looking for the scroll menu.


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