Hi, I have a website Back 2 The 50s with Elvis http://www.elvis-tcb.com/

Recently I have had to remove the Dynamic Drive script for embed and no embed that I have used with no problems for 2 years.

<embed src="hessofine.wav" autostart="true" loop="true" hidden="true">
<noembed>Your browser doesn't support EMBED, but you can still listen to the background sound of this page by<a href="hessofine.wav"> clicking here.</a></noembed>

I received emails from viewers that had new Compaq XP's that the embedded music locked up their computer and they had to shut down. Temporarily I have replaced with <BGSOUND src=SONG loop=infinite> but it is so slow starting the song.

Is there a script that would allow <embed> music but detect if the computer was Compaq XP and switch them to <bgsound>
Thanks for any help,