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Thread: Needing help... please

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    Exclamation Needing help... please

    Someone may have already asked this, I just didn't see it, and I've been looking for about 3 hours now.

    Website Reference:

    Okay, I'm currently working on an interactive online pet game similar to the one listed above, except this one deals with horses (and only horses).

    As of right now, I personally have to sit and update the entire site based on what information I recieve in forms. This is extremely time consuming and with all my other daily actvities (work, school, and sleep) I rarely have time to do this anymore. I know has a system set up that will allow you to feed your pet and it adjusts it on the page, how can I do this???

    Or if the user gives medicine to their horse (because it's sick) how can I get this to show up on the page?

    Please help as I have fallen severely behind.

    Joshua A.

    P.S. I'm also wanting people to be able to design their own homes (without using flash if possible.) and customize it (i.e. build a room, tear down a room, etc)

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    You will need help from server-side scripting and a database. This is also very complex. Don't get me wrong, it can be done, but... It's just not easy .
    Today I would say the most popular combinations is PHP (the scripting language) with a MySql database.
    PHP/MySql Tutorials
    (the top two or three would be the best)
    - Mike


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