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Thread: Image swipe?

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    Default Image swipe?

    Hello all...

    I've tried to search several sites, both DHTML and Java, but I can't find a script that allows you to "swipe" in an image on an onmouseover.

    What I'm doing is a simple mouseover, where there's an image, and when they put their mouse on a link, the image appears.

    Ideally, what I'm looking for is when the user onmouseovers a link, the image will be diplayed, but in a vertically swiping motion from the top to the bottom. Then, when they move the mouse to the next link, the first image would swipe "up" on the onmouseoff, while the next one swipes down with their onmouseover.

    Right now the best one I got is the fading II one located here:

    But that's only good in IE... and I'm thinking the swipe is such a standard way to bring something into a document (ala PowerPoint), that there has to be a code out there for it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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