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Thread: I Need A Pro ASP/SQL Programmer - PAID

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    Default I Need A Pro ASP/SQL Programmer - PAID

    Hey guys, I hope this isn't against the forum rules.. I sure hope not as it's not a major deal..

    Just need help with about 5 ASP/SQL related questions which I don't know precisely yet, but can tell you that the general jist of the questions will be like:

    "Write the ASP code used to connect to an SQL database"

    "Create an SQL database with columns 'x' and fields 'x'"

    "Write an SQL statement to retrieve the 'Names' of all the people who live in the 'State' of California"

    Now those are some examples of the calibre of questions and as you can see shouldn't be too difficult for the intermediate/expert ASP/SQL coders.

    I need someone who is fast-working as the questions need to be answered in real-time (immediately) according to the time which I will set a bit later (GMT time-zone).

    Basically, I need someone who is reliable, confident, competent and fast-working who can be online at exactly at the same time as me so I can relay the questions.

    I will also pay, through PayPal $35 to the person wo helps me (or you can do it for free lol).

    Let me know through reply or PM.


    PS. Questions?

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    I will help you do it for free. Its not as hard as you may thing, just ask away.


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