i created a log in table and added the following code to the action page of my login. I don't know if this is the best code, but this is what i did and it works. For anyone who is curious...

i just wanted to track their last login, and i also threw in a "counter" for the number of times total that they've logged in (for own purposes)


$lastlogin = date("Y-m-d H:i:s"); 

$searchlog="select logintmemberid from ".LOGIN." where logintmemberid  = '".$logintmemberid."' ";
$searchres=mysql_query($searchlog)or die("Error".mysql_error());
	if($searchrows > 0){
	 $updatelog="update ".LOGIN." set logincount=logincount+1, lastlogin='".$lastlogin."' where logintmemberid='$logintmemberid'";
	 mysql_query($updatelog) or die("Could not update login info");
 $searchlog="INSERT into ".LOGIN." (logintmemberid,lastlogin,logincount) values('$logintmemberid','$lastlogin','1')";
 mysql_query($searchlog) or die("Could not insert log info".mysql_error());