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Thread: Fade-away cursor trail script

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    Unhappy Fade-away cursor trail script

    the site I'm referring to is Fade-away cursor trail script -

    I have followed the instructions by copying the images; including blanktrail; and then under the <head> statement I've put in the HTML that I'm told to put under that.
    Under the <body> statement, I have put all of the HTML that is to go there. There is the exception that in the DIV statement I have put my upload http area, then a "/" and then blanktrail.gif within the quotes.
    Then, I'll put in the </body> and </head> statements acxcordingly.
    Right off I'm thinking, "OK, but where do the "trailgif#.gifs" get defined?"
    I have looked under both the header and body statements and don't see where they're defined. It works perfect on the site that explains how to do this but when I do it all I get are 5 squares with "?"s in them. Blanktrail.gif takes over when I stop my mouse. The moment I move it again I get the same results.
    I tried defining them in the DIV statements under the body section. It will work sometimes but once I stop the mouse blanktrail.gif comes into "view". Once I move the mouse again all I'm getting are 5 boxes with "?"s in them again. By doing this method I'm wondering where is blanktrail.gif defined.
    Since blanktrail seems to be the one that's defined in the body section, where are the trailgif#.gifs defined; where do I put those statements? and must be my dunce day or something.

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    Here is where they get defined:

    for (x=1; x < 6; x++) {
    	eval("trailSpriteFrame" + x + " = new Image(28,36);");
    	eval("trailSpriteFrame" + x + ".src = 'trailgif" + x + ".gif';");
    The images themselves should be in the same folder as the page that is using them.
    - John

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    Thumbs up Thank You!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE HELP, John, AND SHOWING ME WHERE THE TRAILGIFS ARE DEFINED PLUS NEEDING A FOLDER TO PUT THEM IN. I created the new folder "trailgif" and then put all 5 trailgif#.gifs within it. After I uploaded the folder to my http area, I changed the code under the <header> so that it would reflect that it would find the gifs in that folder under my upload area. Once I finished that -- viola --- it was working exactly as it should be working according to the HTML, the author's and your instructions.
    About the only thing I would add is that I wish the author of the code explained it that way and that the folder would be defined there in the <header> section. Like I was saying before, I kept wondering where in the heck were the trailgifs defined. I saw that one section in the <header> but the "2+2=" just wasn't making into the brain. Your clarification made it VERY easy then. THANK YOU AGAIN --- Topper


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