Top Navigational Bar All NS6! do not work correctly

Hi I have tried every single possible way to fix the problem and I just can't.
I have shranked the menu bar to fit my page and two things happen. The submenu will not line up with the main-menu regardless of what it is done on the menu.js code or to the main page itself.

As well, on the main menu one cannot targetlink a item from the main menu itself without cut off the submenu for the particular item.

Basicallyfollowing i.e.) Home | About... | Contact.... will not lineup with its subitems on the drop-down submenu. For an example if one roll mouseover on Home, the dropdown submenu will apper under Contact. Then the second problem on the item Home and all others from the main menuis that you cannot targetlink them to anywhere. So if I am on the Home page I cannot go to the Contact... page or About... page. I can only click on one of their submenu items, but then they do not line up making a loop problem.

IF anyone can help me out with this problem it will be awesome. I have a great page to upload, but I need that menubar working properly, because it is one of the only ones that I found that works on NS7+ and IE6.

It is an emergency to me.
Thank you all,