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    Default IP locating

    I had heard become becoming the internet user that the IP address of machine is the virtual address of your system. That is able to give you the exact country and city of your city. Though with my experience I found it is not true always as right now my ip is and if you will try to locate my city, it will show you bombay. and it is false!!!!! Then what one can do to find the exact city through IP??? this is just for the knowledage sake

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    I can tell you you're in India. The city, however, I don't know.

    You can find lists or scripts that will do this, but you usually have to pay for them. However, one list was found that is free for the 'trial version'... which means just the country, and not a perfectly accurate list.
    Also, it's never that accurate and especially would not be for exact city. It might vary depending on where the ISP is located compared to the actual user, etc.

    Anyway, you can look at this thread:
    And check the demo page here:
    (if you leave off ?ip=... then it will use the current IP)

    The thread has info and a demo script using PHP.
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