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Thread: Attribute Selector problems in IE7

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    Default Attribute Selector problems in IE7

    nothing important, just trying to do a custom skin ~ that's supposed to be fun right ;0
    I thought it would be nice to test in IE7 as it just might be possible to offer/use skin for IE7 too but... I got halted at the first hurdle

    the site I would like to customise a wee bit uses tables and lots of them, and is minus any logical nesting structure in places, there are some classes set but never where you need them - so the only way I can target a particular set of links is via a unique table attribute.. great, I thought, IE7 supports attribute selectors now, so this should be a breeze

    but I may have found one of it's oddities - It does support the attribute selector on most elements,
    BUT it doesn't seem to support selection using certain attributes and only on tables from what quick tests have shown

    For the <table> element
    Heres what works:


    Here's what doesn't: (just about everything that could be useful!)





    the ".." can be either alpha or numeric
    (the unique attribute that I need to use is height )

    this list is perhaps not exhaustive, just the ones I tried

    anyway thought I would post here in case question ever comes up and I would be interested to hear if anyone has read anything about why this is, or if it's a reported bug already..
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