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my gosh, are you the last word king or what, enough is enough....!:rolleyes:
It's easy to hit a stationary target.

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what an asinine statement, how would you know......? :(

may i suggest you stick to scripts............!:confused:
A little touchy, aren't we? The fact that I doubt your having anything worth suing over only implies that this isn't likely, not that it is impossible. You obviously chose to react with indignation rather than offer contrary evidence. In fact, all throughout this thread you have avoided answering my direct questions about what you were trying to 'protect'. Had you offered any information in that regard, I might have been able to be of more help to you.

I will own up to being a bit weary of folks trying to 'protect' material that is already protected - if it has any real value. I was a little more harsh on you than was warranted by this one thread. I apologise for that. If you have a real issue having to do with web security, tell us the particulars.

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In Short, If its on The Web, People Will Access/Save It.

You Cant Prevent this, short of putting a virus on your user's computer that disallows viewing your source/saving your pics.

but thats illegal.

and dont call jscheuer names, its impolite, and He's Smarter than us.
Thanks for the moral support. Wouldn't a virus prevent the user from viewing the content at all?

I don't know that I am smarter than anyone else in here. That's what I like about this place, I feel as though I am among peers.