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    Post php search engine

    hello all, does anyone know of a good php search engine script that will search files on my server from there meta tag.
    or any anything else.


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    Hm... interesting. I could write that now. But I'm not going to because it would be silly.

    It takes a while to search through all of that.

    You could:
    1. Do a directory listing type search.
    2. Store each .htm (etc) file you come across with file_get_contents();
    3. Split at the meta tag.
    4. Save the metas and filenames/paths in an array.
    5. Use a foreach loop to run through the array, using strpos() to determine if the search string does exist*
    (*this assumes a single word; you could do more complex looping if need be)
    6. Save each match into a new array, including the filename/path.
    7. Output the matches' filenames/paths.

    But it would take a while.

    The better idea is to do the same, but use a database to seed the webpage list (skipping to step 5).
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