I searched all day until turning here.
I have seen in the past 2 things to do with music players on web pages which I would like to know both if anyone has experience doing.

1) Instead of the midi player that is big and bulky I would like to use an animated image like a speaker icon that when the page loads the music auto plays and if one wishes to turn off the music they can click the music icon and the music stops.
And if possible if they click the icon again it will play the song again.

2) How to construct a music player with the controls like the midi players we are so used to seeing where I can take like a camping trailer picture and make it clickable in areas to play, stop, pause ect.....

I have mapedit which is a great program to make a picture clickable to do various things, but don't know the code that I would use for the controls im trying to describe here using the camping trailer picture.

I spent 1 whole day and got nowhere to find either solution to my questions.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Note: coffeecup software makes a program that makes music players but I don't care for that program.