Hi there. My question is about this script:

Well, the thing is this. I want to the "current tab" stay current when you mouseout the other tabs. I mean, when u load the page, sc1 is load. That's ok, because the visitor look that and say 'nice, i know where i am' x). But if the visitor place the mouse over another tab, that tab stay "current", unless the visitor put the mouse over another tab.
For a better experience, i want to keep all the features of this nice script, but when a vitior take out the mouse from any tab, the 'current tab' (the intial tab that load with the page) stay current. I explain myself correctly?
I try to put mouseout, but that make all a mess. I keep info in this forum, with no success.
Damn, it's very hard for a spanish guy try to say this in english, so, sorry for my poor language.

Thanks for DD, it's a great source.
Any help or question will be welcome.