i've created the following code for two fields (radio buttons) in my html form that are each named member one has the value of yes the other the value of no. i want to validate that at least one radio button has been checked ..filled and return the value of yes or no.
the debugging says that my ss has no properties?? don't know what that means unless it means i should have some code that says "either" "or". i've searced the web but haven't found anything that makes sense to me at least.
so here's what i've entered in the head section.
function NoneWithCheck(ss) {
if(ss.length > 0) { return false; }
return true;
if you can help it would be much appreciated.
above this code where i've listed the fields to check i've coded thus:
{ errormessage += "\n\nPlease check one of the boxes..Yes or No"; }