I need to be able to send an email to someone and cc someone else... how can I do this??

$email = "dslider@google.com";

$mailcontent = "Please look at the following information: \r\n\n"
."QA Agent: " .$p_QAAgent. "\r\n"
."Representatives Name: " .$p_RepName. "\r\n"
."Ticket Number:  " .$p_TicketNum. "\r\n"
."Site Name: " .$p_SiteName. "\r\n\n";

$mailsubject= $p_RepName. " please look at the following QA form for ticket #" .$p_TicketNum;
        case "Dex Slid":
		$mailtolist = "dex@google.com";
$frommail = "From:" .$email. "\r\nBounce-to:car@google.com";
$formsent = mail($mailtolist, $mailsubject, $mailcontent, $frommail);
I know this code works as I have tested it but everything I try to do with cc it wont work... it is possible to cc? or do I have to just add the addresses into the $mailtolist ???