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Thread: Complex transition effect

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    Question Complex transition effect


    I searched for the effect I want to create on many sites but couldn't find it.
    I'm new to Flash so maybe somebody could help.

    So, what I want to do is a fade transition between two jpg images: while the first fades to white (or "nothing"), in the same time the next images becomes
    gradually visible, (fades in), during an interval of let's say 3 seconds.

    BUT, I don't want the fadings to be linear. I want each of the two fading effects to have a water ripple effect during the fading time.
    Would this kind of transition be possible to be done..?

    Also, is it possible that I don't effectively import the jpg files into the library, but point to them as external files, through a link?


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    Complex, that is correct.

    Okay, lets see....

    First thing (as far as I know) you can not fade with effects an external image.

    Okay that is not entirly true. You can have a blank image place holder that will supply your ripple effect, and put the jpg image behind it, and fade that also.

    The easiest way, though is to import your images into the library. Make a new symbol with your first image. edit the MC. On the first frame select it and in the properties panel set alpha to 100. Then make a keyframe down the timeline, based on your FPS and time needed to display the image. On this new keyframe select the image and set alpha to 0. Make the tween between the frames.

    On the second image do the same thing, except in the first frame set alpha to 0 and the last frame alpha to 100.

    Because they are jpgs turned MCs you might have to break them completely apart and convert lines to fills.

    You will have to play around with that part of it.

    Once you have that down, you can make keyframes inbetween the 2 you made above and use the transform tool to make swirly water ripples and what not.

    It will take a while, but with frame by frame animation the ending effect will be a lot better, and the transistion will be a lot smoother.

    If you need more info or don't quite understand, post back and when I get time I will make a short fla with an example for you.
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