Script Title: Top Navigational Bar III (v3.5.1)

Script URL (on DD):


Ok, here's the problem. When I was setting up this script to work with my new site (I just used some free hosting sace provided by a friend of mine) it worked wonderfully. (here's where that page is still up: )

Anyway, after I got all the files transfered to my host, 1and1, I changed links, etc. THEN i went to vew the page and it looked just like I wanted it to. The only problem was that the new nav system no longer worked. You could click the FIRST link, and it would work, but after you were directed to the page you couldn't click anymore links. ANy idea why this would happen??

NOTE- the only links that are currently able to work (connected to a url) are HOME, SERVICES/SPRING/PLANTING, and QGS/CONTACT.