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Thread: Ajax Tabs and Lightbox/Thickbox/Etc

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    Question Ajax Tabs and Lightbox/Thickbox/Etc

    Hi All,

    I'm having issues using the following script:

    I'm attempting to setup a sort of image viewer type website with it. But unfortunately am having a LOT of issues trying to get external javascript working properly. The issue is that it doesn't "always" load up the javascript, and other times it will, but then if you change tabs and come back again, it seems to "forget".

    I'm currently trying to use thickbox (simply because it requires less javascript, and figure thats a good place to start when I'm having trouble):

    The test page in question is (test 4 tab specifically):
    (or direct link)

    I generally will load the thickbox script and display properly (although not always) and once you leave the tab and return it does not.

    I did find a post saying to change the following in ajaxtabs.js file:

    loadedobjects+=file+" " //Remember this object as being already added to page
    loadedobjects="" //Remember this object as being already added to page

    However that did not seem to change anything.

    The eventual goal is to get the following working (lightbox v2):

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated! This is extremely frustrating for the complete javascript/ajax beginner!

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    First of all I am sorry about my english.

    Thanks very much for the information of the links Lightbox and Thickbox. This help my job!

    In tests, this option below, run in my application:

    <a href="javascript:TB_show('sometext','page.asp?height=300&amp;width=300')">link</a>
    The relationship of the global.css, jquery.js and thickbox.js put only in default page.

    Best regards,


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