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Thread: Rss and Turkish Character Problem

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    Default Rss and Turkish Character Problem

    Dear Sirs
    Kindly note I am trying to use Pausing Rss Scroller of Dynamic Drive .

    It is running very good but I have problem by Turkish Characters.

    Can anybody help me about this matter that which command/commands I have to add in code/codes?

    Thanks advance your kind helps.


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    First, link to your page.

    Second, does this really have anything to do with the scroller, or is it just that the characters don't display anywhere? would/do they work on the rest of your page?

    Have you set the language right for the page? (not sure how to do this, but it is possible), and, also important, is it only turkish or is there another language on the page as well? (If so, it'll be more complex than just setting it all to turkish)

    It may also depend on the user having the turkish characters installed for it to run properly.
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