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  1. Thank you

    Hi John, Thank you for your reply...I changed the name of the folder and the files in it...that fixed the problem....Thanks again.
  2. Conveyor belt slideshow working....but not properly

    Hi, Can someone take a look at the source code of the page linked above and advise why the photos in the conveyor belt slide show do not enlarge?...I've...
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    Gap, and Multiple Slides Per Page Questions

    Thanks Vic for supplying the conveyor version.

    Anyone have any input on the gap problem?....and even more important how to put more than one conveyor belt slideshow on a page?
    Thanks -Chipster
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    Thanks Much

    Thank you for posting your Image Carousel and formatting my photos into it…I tried it on this test page and I can see the potential…I sure like the way the text box/lower cell of the table...
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    Got it!

    OK I got it up and running…Thank you for your help…You were right the “T” in my “200t” file was capitalized and throwing it off…Yes I will correct the initial formatting of future...
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    Converyor Belt Slideshow Not Manifesting

    Hi...I made a new slideshow but it's not manifesting...could someone take a look at this code below and tell me what I did wrong? thanks

    <script type="text/javascript">
  7. Won't manifest again

    I'm having problems again...the slideshow isn't mainfesting...can someone tell me what is wrong...code below
    Thanks -Chipster

    <p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom:...
  8. Thank you

    vwphillips, Thanks so very it fixed and published and looks great...Thank you Beverley and John as've all been a great help...Now I should be able to make them for stories when...
  9. Slideshow doesn't show up

    Thank you Beverly and John....I tried numerous times but the slideshow won't manifest...Below is an excerpt of the code....Can you please take a look and tell me what I'm doing wrong? thanks

  10. Got it!

    Hi Beverley,
    Thanks very it all straightened the photos reduced....adjusted the space before and rid of the blue border...Once I get this down I'll know how to...
  11. I just realized only one photo is scrolling over...

    I just realized only one photo is scrolling over and over...but I have five photos loaded in the script...please take a look at my code below and tell me what I'm doing wrong...that is, why just one...
  12. 200 pixl tall photos

    Hi Beverley, thank you for helping me.

    I did adjust the width and height to 815 wide and 200 tall...but just the top of the photos can I reduce the size of the photos down to 200 pxl...
  13. Conveyor Belt Slideshow - how to adjust height and width of photos, et al

    Conveyor Belt slideshow script

    I have some questions about the Conveyor Belt Slideshow

    1. How can I adjust the dimensions...
  14. Thank you

    Thanks John, I looked at that page and it all looks good, but seems much more complicated than the Conveyor belt one....Where do you place the code for the image? The conveyor belt one has a place...
  15. How do I make photo pixel height 180 in Conveyor Belt slide show?, et al

    RE: How do I make photo pixel height 180 in Conveyor Belt slide show?, et al

    This Conveyor Belt slide show script below looks very promising. I have spent hours researching how to set up a slide...
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