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    Need help with Simple sql query to update time

    i need time to start and show only minutes and hours only.
    Please tell me the error. I am new to this..

    I have provided The sql query but it unable to update the database

    //auto update...
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    Help understanding a script

    This script is a url Submitting system. which uses php and mysql.

    I have all the script files. But I don't know they are correct or not please check them and guide me how to use these files i...
  3. Please give me any idea or anything.. I need...

    Please give me any idea or anything..
    I need help. Its very urgent.
  4. Need a PHP Script for collecting and displaying Links.

    This site uses a standard html page with a PHP backend--no javascript. You can understand after watching the example..


    The model will...
  5. sorry for my bad English. Here are some...

    sorry for my bad English.

    Here are some answers to your questions.
    i don't want to use any database.
    i will put some conditions to that link so that malware links are not there.
    i want that...
  6. Simple php that receives url and displays those urls on the same page

    Need simple php that receives url submitted by user and displays them on that same page and the url shows the time of submitting and a click counter on those links and the older links will be deleted...
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