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  1. Problem creating graphs in PHP with phpMysql

    I want to create a chart using phpMysql. But, I am unaware of this that how doing it. Can anybody help me please? I want to show that graph in my PHP web Page.
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    Adding PHP code into wordpress widgets

    Hello friends, is there a way to insert PHP code into Wordpress text widgets? Please tell me how to do it.
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    Graphic design in Single page website

    I want to create a single page website where I can showcase my design works. Which software should I use to make my website graphics more effective and attractive? I appreciate your suggestions.
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    Rollover with java script

    Is there any method of implementing rollover images with JavaScript? I wish to have an explanation at length.
  5. Yes, it’s possible to stop video at any...

    Yes, it’s possible to stop video at any particular time through java script into HTML 5. For this, you have to include “var” data type as “var endtime = 90”. After this add if condition as “if...
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