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    Update is deleting existing record

    I am experiencing a problem when I attempt to edit a record in a Student Record database in PHPMyAdmin. When the user wants to update a record they click an update button which brings them to a...
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    Stored Procedures

    I am working on a student database for a project and I want the range of modules assigned to a particular cohort to be automatically inserted into the relevant tables once the cohort has been...
  3. Passing CSS formatted data to a PHPMyAdmin database

    I have applied text-transform to a data entry form to ensure consistency. I want certain characters to be uppercase regardless of whether the user enters them that way. However when I submit the...
  4. Hi Vic That worked a treat. I appreciate it.

    Hi Vic

    That worked a treat. I appreciate it.
  5. Form Validation-Multiple Functions executing onSubmit/onClick

    I have being playing around with the code posted in form effects for email validation and required fields from the DD sample code. Obviously both codes work but when I try to use both of the them...
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