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  1. Re-size browser of kiosk window; 1080px(w) to 720px(w)?

    Hello, looking for help with re-sizing an entire web site without having to modify the CSS and images.

    Not sure if it is possible, and I thought there might be a javascript answer out there.
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    Need Jquery / Javascript advice please! :)

    Hello, I have been assigned to build a content locator.
    We cannot use a database and all content needs to be from same page.

    Based on my superior's design and client needs, this is what I came up...
  3. Resolved Thanks for your feedback, that worked...

    Thanks for your feedback, that worked beautifully!
    PS: Sorry about the script removal, my boss stripped it out.
    I have put it back in and we re-upload shortly.
  4. Resolved Need help with All Levels Navigational Menu (v3.0)

    Hello, I am looking for help with the All Levels Navigational Menu (v3.0)

    My boss has asked my to modify so that when you land on a page, you...
  5. Conflicting scripts has me going crazy! HELP!!

    Hello, novice jquery / javascript coder who is really good at cut and paste..
    Problem, trying to use two scripts that are conflicting and I am not sure why:
    Page 01: ...
  6. Resolved CSS based NAV BAR not rendering correctly in FireFox... IE is fine HELP!

    Hello, I am having a weird issue with a dropping <LI> element in my navbar in Firefox. IE looks great, as well as Safari
    Here is the page:

    The CSS markup I am...
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    Thank You!

    that worked great!
    Thing of beauty...
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    Continuous Reel Slideshow - captions??

    1) Script Title: Continuous Reel Slideshow

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: No problem, just wondering if there is a way...
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    That worked great!!!

    Thank you!
    Now I will try and pick it apart and figure out what you did
    thanks so much!
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    jquery popup window that opens on page load?

    I have found some great CSS / Javascript / Jquery examples of popups that load upon click and open up a box in the center of the page with a transparent black background, but cannot figure out how to...
  11. FIXED! needed to float the images and apply clear fix

    Here is how I did it:
    #tickets {
    left: 166px;
    top: 17px;
    overflow: hidden;
  12. Z-INDEX BUG in IE7- Not sure what is causing my images to gap

    Here is the link to what I am working on:

    Started to build this in Flash, and the client wanted flexability with mobile devices. I really don't want to use...
  13. Help with 2 column layout: My solution is breaking me

    I have been battling with a layout issue for some hours now, and am wondering if anyone has any input on a better solution or a better way.
    The designer is very into slicing and images and tables,...
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    Resolved Fixed

    Hey chishikinohito, thanks for the response. I tried that, and no fix, but I figured it out.
    It was my error in the HTML. I had included a base href in the code, and when I removed that, no more...
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    Resolved IE does not interpret the CSS At ALL

    Sorry to clog up the forum with another question on this site:
    IE 7 won't display my page properly, as if it is not reading the CSS at ALL...

    It is telling me this...
  16. Dear Coothead, Thank you for your script! It...

    Dear Coothead,
    Thank you for your script!
    It works great, except one thing that I cannot figure out.
    All my buttons now act like links in the sense that when they have been visited, they remain in...
  17. BUMP-NAV BAR problem only in Firefox?!? REPEATED BUTTON-Help

    I am reposting, as unfortunately I have had no responses. Help?
    Anyone? Thanks in advance.

    Hello, using a CSS script I built from the theme, I am having problems in firefox with a...
  18. NAV BAR problem only in Firefox?!? REPEATED BUTTON-Help

    Hello, using a CSS script I built from the theme, I am having problems in firefox with a repeated final button on my Nav Bar, but no problems in any other browsers.

    I have tried to...
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    Resolved Using Japanese Characters in flash with XML

    It worked when I changed my font to a _sans

    I am running into a bit of a wall here.
    I have built a website that pulls languages from multiple XML sources.
    I have been able to do...
  20. Resolved Figured it out

    Evan, I figured it out.
    I added this to the actionscript:
    system.useCodepage = true;

    And then, like you suggested, I went back and embedded the characters (latin)
  21. Resolved How to display special characters in XML driven photo / caption gallery

    "Have you tried urlencoding your special characters? I know using text files you need to do this to see special characters it's most likely the same with xml. here's a link to a chart that has all...
  22. Resolved How to display special characters in XML driven photo / caption gallery

    Evan, I had not tried that, and it seemed like a great idea until it didn't work!
    Thanks for your response. I think it has to do with the coding of the XML, but i'm still stumped...
  23. Resolved How to display special characters in XML driven photo / caption gallery

    I have a question about XML in flash.
    I have a photo gallery that utilizes XML to call out the photo as well as the caption.
    See XML data below:

  24. Resolved Resolved_xml data

    I figured it out:
    AS I used:

    my_xml = new XML();
    my_xml.onLoad = my_function;
    my_xml.ignoreWhite = 1;

    function my_function() {
  25. Resolved TAKE02-Adding Hyperlink to text inputed by XML?

    Hello, I am still battling with this issue:
    I have text being inputed into my flash document with this script via XML:
    my_xml = new XML();...
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