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  1. If you would like an update.. I have tried a...

    If you would like an update.. I have tried a couple things with no sucess:
  2. Some further explination might be needed :P here...

    Some further explination might be needed :P here is what I have in the code:

    for the js:

    var waste = inputs.people.value * 5/2000 *0.30 * (44/12);
    var lodging = (inputs.hotel.value * 40 * 1.44...
  3. inserting a field into a js calculator in place of an input??

    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to insert a drop down menu into an html form, and code for my js calculator and so far not working..

    The calc works just fine with all <input> fields however I need to add...
  4. ID, cookie, referral tracking.. In need of help

    I have been using the same javascript code for tracking ID and referrals for years and not with the addition of more javascript coding for a string calculation have found it not to be working. maybe...
  5. grabbing a with java script to a form located on another website..

    In need of some help. I need to grab a value in the table below, and pre load it into a form on another website. I need to make a form action, that on click will take the value of <td class="carbon">...
  6. simple "Insert email" submit - to receive newsletter..

    looking for some code to make a simple:

    sign up for our e newsletter "enter email" - submit

    Would seemlessly send the users email to a specified email account

  7. Replies

    Looking for cookie tracking code..

    to track users that come in through a -- .com/name -- URL that carries from page to page and to an online order process to keep track of refferals. Any suggestions?

    Thanks! Looking to get a...
  8. Does not seem to work for me.. they are colapsed...

    Does not seem to work for me.. they are colapsed however functionality to open will not work..
  9. Switch Content Script II - want to start with collapsed state?

    1) Switch Content Script II


    3) As is, when page is loaded the items are expanded. I am looking to reverse the values, and when...
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