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  1. RESOLVED: how to make a mouseover display image a clickable link

    newbie explanation of how it works:

    the answer was to make the images sit inside a div, then link the div to the page you want: there are two parts to making this work:

    first, make a js doc...
  2. wanted: to make the mouseover display image (seperate image from buttons) a link

    Hello, I am new here and to html. I have a mouseover thumbnail image gallery without the mouseout attribute. How do I make the display image a clickable link?
    here is code below with irrelevant...
  3. make the (other) mouseover display image id a clickable link

    Hello, I'm new to html and javascript.

    I have made a thumbnail image gallery. Thumbs are on one side while display image is in the center of page.

    I've created a mouseover gallery, without a...
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