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  1. Found why


    I have found why IE don't remember CSS Style on page relaunch.
    I Had the same problems.

    So ...
    in your CSS link does not use space caracter in style title but "_" or "-" and all is OK
  2. Thanks


    Will try this tommorow asap (late in France and must work :mad:).
    Your mega speed help is so nice :)
    Thanks and will return the result asap.

  3. Details


    That's what I have ...

    1- First HTML Page with in first JavaScript:
    - Index.html
    - Fold-out external menu (external menu file) JS

    2- Second HTML Page with in second JavaScript:
  4. A little precision

    I have choose to use the Style Sheet Switcher (v1.0) with a drop/drown select menu and I have added yesterday evening a little modification : an "apply" button .

    I have modified from :
  5. Good Link


    Excuse me, here is the good link:
    - Style Sheet Switcher (v1.0)

    - Fold-out external menu (external menu file)...
  6. Style Sheet Switcher (v1.0) - How to modify two frames or page in same time

    Question about Style Sheet Switcher (v1.0)

    First of all thanks for your great site.
    I' m a very very very french newbie in javascript...
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