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  2. Trouble keeping the rows and columns line up

    I am having trouble keeping the rows and columns line up

    1) When is desktop mode maximum columns should be three.
    When I click on “Cell Three” works fine but when I click on ”Cell Two” it does...
  3. Thank you Styxlawyer :)

    Thank you Styxlawyer :)
  4. How to horizontally center the buttons in a fixed sized div?

    Thank you in advance. Any help will be greatly appreciated the main link is at

    button.accordion {
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    Change textarea field to a div ?

    Hello Everyone,
    I am tyring to change the textarea to a div

    <div id="editor" contenteditable="true" name="content"></div>

    and is not working.
    Anyone, do you have any idea why is not...
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