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  1. how to make two-level chained select box(drop down list) in JSF and mysql

    Hi everyone:)
    I want example code to make two level chained drop down list box in JSF only.

    n in both drop down list, items should come from database tables only...
    So, please help me out.Reply...
  2. problem in selecting second arraylist from mysql database

    Hi...everyone :)
    Below i have attached my code. This code is working.....but i want some modification in that code such that when i select 'vegetable' or 'fruits', it should give list of that...
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    Checkbox pagination problem and maintain status of checked checkboxes

    please i have send this my code...pleae help me out

    import java.util.HashMap;

    public class Domain {
    private int domainId;...
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    Checkbox pagination

    I have pagination in the page. The problem I have is, I will loose the status of the checkbox when I go to second page. If I select some of the checkboxes in page 1 and go to page 2 to select some...
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