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  1. yes yes it does ^_^

    yes yes it does ^_^

    <td width="18" style="background-image: url('image.jpg');">
    <img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0">
  2. :)


    my problem was solved by including a mouseover command to the iframe as well.. not just the menu. kina doens't make sence coding wise becaues doesn't fix the...
  3. ^_^

    god i love you profs

    yeah that worked a charm. i am confused as to why it was neccary. Firefox seemed to class the iframe as a seperate page instead as a imbedded object.

    wierdness but fixed ^_^
  4. yeah

    yup.. i have this also.. and ontop of this problem i have another one. ive made a post of it.

    basicly my dynamic fx slide out menu. wont slide back in if my mouse goes from the menu to the iframe...
  5. Dynamic-FX Slide-In Menu(v 6.5) will not close when mouse goes to a Iframe SSI script

    Well tittle says it all. my Dynamic-Fx Slide-In Menu will not close when my mouse goes striaght onto the Iframe SSI script II

    This is very annoying since its the basis of how my site functions!...
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    you found it :D

    i can not say how happy i am

    i love you i love you i love you :D ^_^

    you have no idea how long i have been looking for that :)

    sooo happy thank you sooo very mucy

    you are awsome
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    i'm not sure i understand.. i did take a look at it. that site has yet another tree menu that folds out from the side

    take a look at this one
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    Spider Web tree menu

    I saw somewhere a tree menu that functioned like the following

    had a dot which you clicked it expanded to 2 or more dots that where also links that could expand to a whole series of there own dots...
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