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  1. help needed scrolling to div on event in jPlayer playlist


    I am trying to implement a scroll to DIV (i.e. smooth scrolling with some easing) on various events in jPlayer, a javascript audio playlist. Essentially the playlist is in a scrolling DIV with...
  2. is it possible to use scrollable (jQuery tools) with just one item?


    I am trying to work out if it is possible to use Scrollable, part of jQuery tools, to scroll through 1 item/div vertically. At the moment I can only get it working with at least two DIVS. It...
  3. amending right click menu to download audio from jPlayer

    I am using a javascript audio player on a webpage that has an option to download the track by right clicking on a link called 'mp3' at the end of each track in the playlist. When the user right...
  4. Script needed for scrolling DIV with particular features


    I am looking for a script for a scrolling DIV with the following features:

    1. DIV can be scrolled vertically using mousewheel/trackpad/finger on iPad
    2. Up/Down buttons which scroll slowly...
  5. Proportionally fitting images in Slideshow 2!


    I have set an overall size for the Slideshow 2! div in the CSS file as follows:

    .slideshow {
    margin: 0 auto;
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