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  1. Thanks GM, I'm a novice. Would it be possible...

    Thanks GM,

    I'm a novice.
    Would it be possible for you to insert str.replace into the exisiting script and resend?

  2. Help needed adding "sub space for underscore or %20" in script


    I am using a script that I received from someone after I posted a request at this site (thanks!), which finds a specific directory name and displays it on the webpage in a specified table....
  3. John, you're the man! Thanks so much... that works perfectly!

    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!! :)))
  4. Thanks John, that script works great!

    Thanks for the quick reply John.
    This code works great!

    I do have 2 followup questions....

    Is it possible to add to this script so that:

    A) the directory name is displayed in ALL CAPS ?
  5. Looking for script (javascript?) to display page directory


    I am looking for a way to display the name of the directory (folder) that the current (active) page resides in. I want to use this script in a Dreamweaver template, so that each web page...
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