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    Jquery conflict

    Dear all,

    I have encountered a jquery conflict like error when i attaches the below line for jquery validation .

    <script src="jquery-validation-1.8.1/lib/jquery-1.4.4.js"...
  2. Is there any php opensource product for listing services of single category.


    My client wants to build a homestay listing website.He wants it either in wordpress or joomla.I would like to know whether there is any plugin/extensions in wordpress or joomla where the...
  3. how to design part time an full time employees table

    i have a project in which client can assign a full time employee and a part time employee. If a full time employee is assigned,then he will not be available for 1 month.But if a part time employee...
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    want to implement paypal api in a website


    I want to implement a paypal api of DO dIrectpayment to a website.So i request somebody to give sample code as early as possible as its very urgent. Please help me.

    Thanks in advance
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    How to upload large database ?

    I have exported large mysql database.Now its size is 22.7 mb.I am not able to import this now.When i tried to import this file an error shows .

    You probably tried to upload too large...
  6. how can we display listbox of price in paypal page ?

    how can we display listbox of price in paypal page ?

    Subscription Plan
    This list contains the following 3 options :-
    $29 per month (6 months plan) billed $174
    $25 per month (12 months...
  7. thank you john.My issue is solved.I have created...

    thank you john.My issue is solved.I have created normal button and avoided the host button. Now only i understood that there are different payment buttons in paypal.Your advice helped to search for...
  8. thank you john for your support.I made a mistake...

    thank you john for your support.I made a mistake earlier by adding <input type="hidden" name="amount" value="170.00"> with button code.It wasnt with the actual code.I added it to check whether i can...
  9. How can I implement dynamic pricing for a PayPal button?

    I have created a sandbox paypal account to test the payment transactions.Its a personal account. I have created a buy now button which has a fixed price. I want to implement dynamic price for this...
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