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  1. Wow. Thanks a lot coothead! :D I changed...

    Wow. Thanks a lot coothead! :D

    I changed iframe.remove() and added document.close(), and it works perfectly.

    And thanks for the warm welcome too.

    In terms of document.write(): I know it's...
  2. How do I get this function to work in IE?

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to make a javaScript function that can alter a piece of HTML code based on whether an ad-blocker is detected.

    I want to to modify the top margin of an iframe. To do so, I...
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    Thanks, That fixed it. I can't believe I...


    That fixed it. I can't believe I didn't even think about looking at the images myself.

    Again, thanks for solving my problem.

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    Bug in WOW Slider transition

    Hi there,

    I've often found Dynamic Drive particularly helpful whenever I had any kind of coding question related to the website I manage. Usually, I just search through the forum and find someone...
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