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    Image frames using CSS3 border-image

    I am using Google Chrome Version: 85.0.4183.121(Official Build) (64bit) - Windows10 Pro(64).
    Image frames using CSS3 border-image
    The Google Chrome shows me nothing.
    If possible who can help me...
  2. A list of normal operation has been confirmed : ...

    A list of normal operation has been confirmed :

    1. Android OS 6.0.1 + Chrome 51.0.2704.81
    2. Win10 Pro (64bit) + Chrome 51.0.2704.84 m (64-bit)
    3. Win10 Pro (64bit) + Avast SafeZone...
  3. Google 64bit and 32bit Chrome is to ignore the "Image frames using CSS3 border".

    First, because Windows10 Professional 64bit of Google Chrome has ignored the "Image frames using CSS3...
  4. Poll: Developers to recognize the problem, or, if there...

    Developers to recognize the problem, or, if there is no any reply from the developer, the page will be immediately deleted.
  5. Poll: Google Translate + Featured Image Zoomer (now w/Multi-Zoom) v2.1

    I've created a sample page for the use of Google Translate.

    Under "category" of the left side menu, I've placed the Google translation...
  6. auto generated page of CSS3 that can frame specified in the blog easily everyone !

    I've prepared a sample "frame for the image". But what "frame for image", adjust while watching, it automatically generates STYLE no mistakes. Just to add a CLASS After, it will be as attached to the...
  7. I can show you the result made the article with COPY and PASTE.

    I made one example article with operation by just only COPY & PASTE from that my site.

  8. Res: Can you elaborate the additions or changes you made to the original script ?

    I thank you for your question!

    I have not made ​​any changes at all to the original!

    I was simply added to the original of the following JavaScript "Functions".

    Including the fact that...
  9. Please to develop JavaScript to function the wheel mouse device.

    Everyone, nice to meet you.

    I think "Featured Image Zoomer (now w / Multi-Zoom) v2.1" is wonderful.
    However, in the apparatus do not have a mouse, it is not possible to enlarge the image!
  10. I made Automatic generation processor for FeaturedZoomer.

    Automatic generation processor for FeaturedZoomer

    Ver2.01.5 2014/09/06 01:50p.m.

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