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  1. hello what exactly are you trying to do. are you...

    what exactly are you trying to do. are you trying to fast-forward the song while playing or jump to a particular section while playing.
    please try and explain.
  2. hello please how are you loading the music...

    please how are you loading the music files into the player, if you are using arrays to hold the song files, you could also use a seperate array to hold the respective images for files for the...
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    help with actionscript 2.0 menu component

    hello everyone
    i have a simple medial player that i created in flash using actionscript 2.0. i used the menubar and the menu component. my problem is that i can't seem to implement a sub menu for a...
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    localhost password and username

    hey guys. i'm having problem with my server (internet and information services). my localhost homepage (http://localhost/localstart.asp) is requesting for username and password for authorization...
  5. microsoft access database platform, Why and Why not?

    i keep seeing and reading on peoples post and articles on the internet that Microsoft access is not a good database platform for the web and it happens to be the only database platform i know. i...
  6. thanks , it's fine

    i got it figured out :) but i thong i definitely need the book on sql programming. where can i get it please. thanks
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    thank for the response anymay

    first, I'm very sorry i thought i was in the right place to ask that kind of question. the fact is that i actually encountered the problem in my coldfusion code i did not know where to post it and as...
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    music streaming or what is it call?

    please have any one of you ever heared of it is a free Nigerian website where you can play music online. how can anyone create such player
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    double submit button form

    i think i have seen something like this on this forum or the script section but can't seem to locate it now. how can i configure a form to have two or more submit button where every submit button...
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    it is not working!

    i have tried using it several times but not working.
    this started when i installed adobe dreamweaver cs4 on my system. when i was using macromedia dreamweaver 8, it did work. i don't know what...
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    php server downloas.

    hi everyone
    i have no idea about these stuff.
    do Microsoft internet information service (iis) process php? if not please can someone help direct me to where i can download a good php server...
  12. here is an example

    i have a login page that look like this
    <cfform action="results.cfm" name="login">
    <cfinput type="text" name="username"><br/>
    <cfinput type="text" name="regnumber"><br/>
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    validate form input fields, help!

    Hi everyone
    please how do validate form input fields using java script.i mean numeric fields should be field with numeric data otherwise display error message and alphabet field should be field with...
  14. help with validating a user. if exist "allow" else "error"

    hi everyone
    please can anyone help me with how to validate a user-name's existence in a database. i.e. allow the user to access the requested page if the user-name exist in the database else display...
  15. Thank thanks and thanks again this might not be...

    Thank thanks and thanks again
    this might not be the ultimate but it will get me on the road
    i can actually learn with it
    i appreciate the effort
    God bless
  16. how do i hide and dispay form fields based on users selections? please help

    To start with i'm a complete novice in web design and i find JavaScript very interesting, anyway i'm just trying to learn it myself,
    i'm trying to build a registration page for a school (not...
  17. SQL select Is giving me problems. can anyone help?

    I'm typically a novice in web design and i'm trying to learn it using cold fusion as my server technology but i'm having problem with my select statements.
    assuming i have a...
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