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  1. Is this script for an HTML page?

    Is this script for an HTML page?
  2. Thank you.

    Thank you.
  3. In JavaScript, Displaying Pressed button's Number and it's identification

    Here my question is how to print/display the numbers from pressed buttons(as shown in figure) using JavaScript. However, here I am working on a device and we have to control it from JavaScript. Below...
  4. Unable to play videos and delete selected items.

    Hi all,
    1. I want to delete selected(checkbox) items from database(MySQL). Here I am not getting any error, but I couldn't do the delete function.
    2. Wants to play videos in website. Here videos...
  5. Hello Everybody, as I posted in my question, I...

    Hello Everybody, as I posted in my question, I have solved the bug of "addition of files upon refreshing the page" by simply "rendering the page/adding landing page". But I cannot watch/view my...
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    @rubyOnPails, Thank you so much. I did what you...

    @rubyOnPails, Thank you so much. I did what you suggested about "mysqli extension" in "php.ini" and you posted below. Still I am facing the same problem. Anyhow once again I will go through my code...
  7. How to avoid uploading of videos dynamically upon “refreshing” the page in browser?

    Here I can upload videos successfully into database and videos are saving in appropriate folder named "uploaded". As I mentioned in question, once after uploading the video, if I refresh the browser...
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    @rubyOnPails, Thank you for the nice information....

    @rubyOnPails, Thank you for the nice information. Now the data is displaying but the thing is it is not updating. I am getting below error:
    "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function...
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    Uploading, displaying and playing videos.

    I wish to Upload, display and play videos in my website. Here I am able to upload video's url and id into my table. But the problem is video's name is not inserting into table. The video are not...
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    Displaying logged in user's profile.

    Hi. I wants to display logged in user's profile in a page. I wrote all queries for that. The problem is I am unable to fetch data from table "users" from database "videos". Please tell me where I...
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    @DyDr, Thank you. It really worked very well. And...

    @DyDr, Thank you. It really worked very well. And once again thanks a lot for valuable information.
  12. SQL syntax error corresponds to MariaDB Server version.

    I am getting an error which says "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near...
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    Updating the table in MySQL using PHP.

    Hi. I wish to update table "users" in database(MySQL) "videos". I have posted my code below. Here I am not getting any errors but the updation is not haapenning. So, please help me to figure it out....
  14. Thread: Profile Editing.

    by ak47

    Profile Editing.

    //$user_name =$_POST["name"];
    $conn = mysqli_connect("localhost", "root", "", "videos") or...
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