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    Solar Panels

    I recently moved to Miami and I am wondering if anyone from the area actually invested in having solar panels? How is it? Is it really reliable?
  2. And now I get no response? lol well in case you...

    And now I get no response? lol well in case you find yourself curious and wanting to lend a "helping" hand or remark here is the link....
  3. @misterrogers....are you inadvertently expressing...

    @misterrogers....are you inadvertently expressing your willingness to help or just felt like coming by making a sarcastic remark? :confused:
  4. Anyone in the Miami area that can lend some advice?

    Hello so I'm working on a plan to move my business to the Miami area and found some seemingly promising rental office spaces but being that I'm not from the area was wondering if anyone here is and...
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