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  1. Hi, Many thanks. Thought so but couldnt find...


    Many thanks. Thought so but couldnt find it. Did a search for Z-Index and found it in the JS scripts so tweaked those to get the order right and all working :)

    Many Thanks :)
  2. That works :) Many Thanks

    That works :)

    Many Thanks
  3. How to keep Smooth Navigational Menu above a slider

    Ref: Smooth Navigational Menu

    I have a wowslider image slider which overlays over the dropdown elements of the navigational menu....
  4. Smooth Navigational Menu - Remove Down arrow in v1.51+


    I need to remove the down arrow in the Smooth Navigational Menu, but not by changing the display to "none" in css as this leaves the spacing of the menu incorrect. Theres a JS fix version...
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