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  1. that's that!

    Well those Java applets are not going anywhere. I've tried with the w3c, but its too rigid and I'm sure my site works on other computers except my own. W3c can go stuff itself quite frankly, but...
  2. ta everyone

    bluewalrus: thanks for the code but it dissabled my Java applets.. eek!

    Twey : You don't have century gothic, oh no, so what if I put it on the server, would it load for people who don't have it...
  3. one step closer

    Thanks, the above links should work. Even out of the FF and Safari arena. I've never used the other ones an like I said I did try to pick the scripts with the least resistance.

    Still game?
  4. redirect code removed

    my redirect is mean and It shouldn't be up yet, sorry, my will hopefully be fine on anything over my own resolution of 128x654. Really the site was scaled down for 800x600 users and 640's, anything...
  5. I like my page even if w3c don't

    Thanks for both your replies, I did what you said and like you said I got a lot more errors - 10 errors and 39 warnings!

    I wanted this page to be accessible by all, not too bothered about IE users...
  6. w3c validation 2 errors.. DOCTYPE related prob.

    I have just finished my webpage, almost, and I thought I'd run it through the w3c validation service. I'm not a web dev so all of this is copy and paste, its got java, javascript and html of course....
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