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    Cookie Weirdness

    I'm having a strange problem with cookies.

    I'm setting them up so people will store a file name in one and it's title in another, pay at paypal and get the product on return. Pretty straight...
  2. Thanks John! I'm just splitting file names and...

    Thanks John!

    I'm just splitting file names and also found this works nice.

    function splitAtUpperCase($s) {

    return preg_replace(/(?<!^)([A-Z])/', '-\\1', $s);
    echo splitAtUpperCase($s);
  3. How to prepend a hyphen to uppercase characters in a string

    I wondered if there was a short way to place a hyphen before every capital letter in a string except the first capital?

    If string is OneTwoThree I need it to read One-Two-Three

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