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  1. Re: Currency Formatting for 1000 separators

    Hi John,

    Small clarification regarding the currency formatting, currently i am using
    Internet Explorer 6 , but what about other browsers if the user disables the javascript in
    Internet explorer...
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  3. Re: Currency Formatting for 1000 separators

    Hi John,

    as per your reply, there should not be rounded if i give as 12345.12345 then
    it should be display 123,45.12345

    the format of calling the function should be like
  4. Re: Currency Formatting for 1000 separators

    Hi John,

    You helped me alot in solving my big problem

    I need some restriction to provide for decimals

    if user wants only 4 decimals it should accept only 4 decimals if i give more than the...
  5. Currency Formatting for 1000 separators

    Hi John,

    Thanks a lot for helping the code is working fine

    but if i give the value as 12345 then it should display as 12,345.00

    and also if i do not give any value or if the textfield...
  6. Currency Formatting for 1000 separators including decimals


    How i need to perform currency formatting including decimal values, and it should not take invalid characters including +/- symbols and i can able to specify any number of decimals
    based on...
  7. Entering the currency format depending upon currencies selected in dropdown box

    In my project there is a textfield named as Amount
    i need to enter the amount depending upon what i select the currencies in a drop down

    If i select a currency name as "Ireland" then i can able...
  8. validating the textfield with -ve/+ve value by maxlength="3"

    That is not the case actually , i need to validate the given value including
    - value or + value in the textfield only

    and the textfield maxlength = "3"

    if i give the value in the textfield...
  9. Insert Negative sign when needed if given value is positive

    I need to validate a textfield by giving -ve/+ve values and the textfield it takes maxLength = "3"

    for Ex: if i give "-123" the textfield is accepting but
    if i give as 123 and later if i give...
  10. validating -ve/+ve sign for textfield with enabled/disable with Radio Buttons

    Hi am using IE6 i have some problem with validating the textfield using two radio buttons while enabling and disabling depending upon positive and negative value in textfield

    the scenario is like...
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