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    background image carousel

    Hi Everyone,
    I found this carousel script on dynamic drive url:

    Can anyone help me to get the script show as a <table> background so that...
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    Form validation

    Hi everyone,
    I have a form which has two radio payment options. Now for each radio option there are form fields under it for a customer to complete. I want to use JS to validate the form to require...
  3. Thanks for all the responses. The links:...

    Thanks for all the responses. The links: have been very helpful. I am now learning...
  4. Thanks I need more help

    Thanks. My website is hosted with Godaddy. Below is the copy of the gdform script. Can you tell if and how I can modify it now to include the script you sent me so that I can upload it.

  5. Form that Create account for visitors (PHP Mysql Database)

    I am very new to database, I am used to designing forms in html, that is, webmail. Integrating databsae now to achive the following three objectives is hard for me:
    1. To create a form that will...
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