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  1. i need help with editing this unique validation script


    i got this code from a website
    actually it is very nice and unique to the other validation scripts

    in this script u only add required=1 ...
  2. this is not the proplem

    this is not the proplem
    when i do ctrl + + it is working
    but the proplem is not in this
    the proplem is that the code of the text resizer is not a css code
    so i cant put it as example in...
  3. a proplem in font size resizer doesnt work in css

    1) Script Title: font size resizer

    2) Script URL (on DD):

    3) Describe problem: it doesnt resize the css font size

    i have a css code...
  4. Replies

    i was searching for this

    i was searching for this
    but the proplem is that i copied the aboce code and put in html document and tryed it but it is not working

    i tried text resizer from the above link
    it works great and...
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