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  1. Resolved Maybe you have some cam options with decent app...

    Maybe you have some cam options with decent app on your mind ? Would appreciate any help:)
  2. Resolved Can anyone recommend any apps for home security wifi cam ?

    Folks, need advice. Looking for a home cam, and it would be super cool to have an app that lets me scroll through all the footage. With my previous cam I had to download footage to my computer to see...
  3. Can anyone recommend good wifi portable camera for security footage ?

    Hi, folks. I am looking for a home camera, and security is the first thing on top of my list. Have previously had issues with data missing from the camerasí cloud storage. So now Iím looking for a...
  4. Where I can find quality wifi home with no monthly fee ?

    Hi, Iím looking for a good wifi home camera, and it would be very convenient if it has an embedded storage, because I don't wanna store my personal life videos in the cloud. Please, if you are using...
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    Iím looking for a wifi home camera

    Hi everyone! Iím looking for a home camera. Any ideas what specifically I should be looking for? Appreciate any help. :)
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