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    Drop down without JavaScript

    I want this dropdown: to work without JavaScript enabled in your browser. What does not work without JavaScript is submenus do not...
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    Change pages without destroying slideshow

    I would like to make a web page with slideshow:
    and would like to make a menu with about 10 pieces of pages of text and perhaps images. When...
  3. No, I have already tested the page with no zoom...

    No, I have already tested the page with no zoom for the iPhone but it's the same (but I wanted it to zoom).

    But the first link "The Cafe" is working and you find yourself always on top (with the...
  4. Adress bar is over text when you linking on page in iPad & iPhone

    I added a tag in html, and it is used before the page finishes loading.
    If you run the page in an iPhone or iPad (before the page finishes loading) the address bar is over the text when clicking on...
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