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  1. Default Adding comments to simple weblog

    I got this topic of assignment but i don't know from where to give it a start. It is about Default Adding comments to simple weblog. If you have any idea regarding this then let us know as well...
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    Looking for a calendar script

    I'm looking for a calendar script for use on a school website. Each year I would like to be able to reset the calendar to show different dates for school holidays, exams, etc. Preload specific dates...
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    The link on your post is no longer available, I...

    The link on your post is no longer available, I think maybe the video is deleted or not available anymore in youtube because they are actively deleting duplicate or copyrighted material.
  4. Best Computer Virtualization Software

    I want to know about the best list of computer Virtualization Software which will be affordable and also will work good to monitor the activities of my computer.

    Please Suggest me best software....
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