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  1. Thank you Vic and John

    Hey Guys!

    Thank you so much to both of you for modifying my script and providing me all the details. I am downloading both of the scripts and will try them.

    Just seeing all this code crosses...
  2. OOC - Object Oriented Code

    It's just that I am able to load the provided script, and then carefully get my slideshow to work. But I am not all that versed in javascript and object oriented code, so I didn't want the answer to...
  3. Older Version Ultimate Fade In - Setting Iterations

    Ultimate Fade In Slide Show - from 1.5 years ago or earlier.

    I would like to set a limit of...
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    Thanks for looking into it.

    It could be that my images are too wide and too large. I notice someone uses this a lot on her site, but her images are very simple. My images would probably do better...
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    I was using IE. But the issue which my young user...

    I was using IE. But the issue which my young user had was the loop of the warning message "Select the magic brush and drag it over the picture to start coloring".

    Perhaps my image was too large?...
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    I Tried That

    Thanks for the reply. I loaded all the code and did get something going. It worked at first.....then it started having sizing issues, speed issues, and the warning message issues.
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    Magic Coloring Pages

    Hi - I'm new to Dynamic Drive but I have already found some great scripts I will be implementing from this site. Thanks to all coders/posters.

    My Current Question is whether anyone knows where to...
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