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Welcome to the new DD Blog

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Just a quick welcome to the new DD Blog! Currently the following usergroups have permission to post in the Blog:

- Senior Members
- Elite Members
- Mods and Admin

All other members have permission to read the blog and post comments to an entry. Personally I'll be using the Blog mainly to post modifications to DD related Scripts asked by members on the forums and that could benefit the general audience as well.

For the above 3 usergroups with permission to post in the Blog, please observe the following guidelines when doing so:

1) The Blog should not be used just to make short passing remarks or the chance to lead the user to another site. It is a way to share your knowledge with other members without having to be asked first a question, which is the case on the forums. Use it to post your favorite snippet of code, tip, or other info you think is worthy of an audience. Each entry should contain enough info to be useful in its own right, and not just a sentence or two that then leads people off to another URL.

2) There is an "off topic" category where you can post misc related entries. You can use that to share something about your daily lives deemed interesting, for example, but again, avoid the short passing remarks that's devoid of any substance or just a chance to spread a link.

3) Please categorize your entry based on the available categories.

4) You can transfer the contents of a post (should be your own) to become a Blog Entry instead. For example, alot of you have posted in the Coding Tips and Tutorials forum. A lot of these posts probably are better served as a blog entry instead. Just click on the little icon to the lower right of the post to get started.

In summary, The Blog should only not be used just to post any random thought that comes into your head. The idea is to create an archive of helpful and interesting information that can't be done so easily using the forums alone.

That's all for now!

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